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Monde à Part Music presents
The second Opus of the Trilogy 'The Stuff that Dreams are made of...',
a Tribute to the Classics of the Film Noir Era from « West Coast » Jazz Master, Shannon « Saxman » Murray
When West Coast Jazz and Film Noir meet…
The Inspiration :
A California native, Shannon Murray, alias SAXMAN, is a natural ambassador for Hollywood’s hard-boiled detective films of the 1940’s and 50’s. He draws inspiration for his latest creation from the classics of the Film Noir era such as The Big Sleep, Double Indemnity, Laura and The Maltese Falcon, from whose unforgettable closing line, the show’s name derives.
The Music :
SAXMAN's Music, finds its roots in West Coast Cool Jazz , a style of music that became a mainstay in Hollywood’s studios at the end of the 1940’s. Incorporating African rhythms and modal harmony, Shannon brings West Coast Cool into the 21st century as an innovative and contemporary music idiom.
Handcrafting a unique video sequence of film excerpts and still photos for each of his compositions, SAXMAN takes us through the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco, down the back alleys of New York City and along the banks of the Seine, bringing classic film noir characters back to life for a unique musical voyage.
'The Stuff that Dreams are made of... LIVE' (HD)
SAXMAN presents 'The Stuff that Dreams are made of...'
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