To Press reviews
A very nice project and a great concept. There is something magical and timeless about associating cinema, especially that of the 40's and 50's with West Coast Jazz! Well done to the four musicians who shone with inventiveness and professionalism."
Salvatore Origlio, Director, Grenoble Alpes Métropole Jazz Festival

“Thanks to Shannon Murray and his quartet, we had an exceptional evening. Exceptional because « Saxman » is a remarkable musician accompanied by an exceptional trio who make « West Coast Jazz » ‘un art de vivre’, : elegant, refined , always refreshing and often surprising. Exceptional as well for the ambiance created by the projection of excerpts from some of Hollywood’s classics films of the Film Noir era of the 1950’s as a backdrop.The depth of Bacall and Bogart’s gaze magnified by Shannon’s Sax! Unforgettable !”
Sabine Veltz , Director, ‘Séz'Est Jazz Festival, Sézanne, France

A feast for both the ears and the eyes. An excellent show performed by high-quality musicians with the extraits from many Film Noir classics as the icing on the cake! An evening to be remembered and most certainly repeated in the years to come !”
Odile Mulner-Lorillon, Director of the Sainte Thérèse Theatre,
Saint Pol de Léon, Brittany, France

“An excellent evening of originial jazz with the cinema, the spirit of cool ...
The musicians are generous and in top form. It’s a real pleasure to hear such high quality music in our auditorium. If you listen closely you can still hear some of the beautiful and enchanting melodies long after the concert is over!

Frédéric Gardinier, Director of the Jean Poulain Auditorium in Briare, France
  A beautiful discovery, Bravo ! A very agreeable moment thanks to the artful marriage of original West Coast Jazz with Film Noir . A conquered public, lots of cigarettes, gambling halls, alcohol, the 40s, a marvellous evening ! Many thanks to the Quartet. Good Luck !”
Arlette Bernard, Director, ‘ Les Automnales de Limonest ',
Lyon, France

Thank you for this beautiful day, for this wonderful evening when you carried us far away in space and time. Many thanks for your music and your talent !."
Jacques Duc, Director, the Espace François Mitterand Theatre, Montmélian in Savoie, France

“Thank you for your talent ! Such a wonderful evening of Sax, which was not only a feast for the ears but also for the eyes thanks to your magnificent retrospective of American ‘Film Noir’ ! ”
Catherine Viaud, Director of the ARIA Theatre, Toulouse, France

“Thank you for this excellent and original musical performance.By way of an unique interaction between the video projection with the melodic ‘west coast’ jazz , we were taken back into the universe of american and french ‘Film Noir ’. The audience was thrilled to relive scenes from two french ‘cult films’ from the 1950’s starring Jean Gabin, “ Touchez pas au grisbi “ and“ Razzia sur la Chnouf “. It was a pleasure for us to present ‘The Stuff that Dreams are made of ’ as the closing event of the 1st edition of “ Melesse à la Page “ our festival celebrating the Detective novel. One couldn’t wish for a better performance ”
Joëlle Dy , Director of cultural events, Melesse , Rennes Métropole, France